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Headquartered in New Delhi, Techlitic is better known for its innovative “Digital Products” – Howtobuysaas and Sendwo. It is an IT company that has been revolutionizing & simplifying the way organizations do business since April 2017.

We are a growing team of 20+ professional experts coming from diverse backgrounds who have keen expertise in dealing with Digital Products. A flexible permanent remote work environment, high level of empowerment, involvement in the company’s business decisions, leadership development through mentoring, skills development initiatives are the big takeaways at Techlithic.

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We are changing the online space with our development and marketing capabilities. 

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We are just like you with a difference in executing some things more than you can do. We all know the roadmap of success but action takers are rare which we have inbuilt. 

We are a team of Developers & Marketers changing internet space for consumers. 


Meet The Board

Snehil Prakash

Founder, CEO

Puneet Sharma

Cofounder, CMO

Gopal Kildoliya

Cofounder, CTO

Support System

Surbhi Gupta

Marketing & Operation Lead

Raja Koppula

Lead Advisor.

Chitra Chatterjee

Operations and Sales

Mridul Pareek

Content Manager

Ayaan Farooqi

Content Lead

Richa Gupta

Human Resource & Marketing

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Company number : +919015248838 Place of Registration : New Delhi, India Registered Office : 22/B Baker Street, Vasant Kunj