Launching CuteHR on HowToBuySaaS – A Journey to a $100k ARR Milestone

HowToBuySaaS, our dedicated SaaS marketplace, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing how businesses discover and adopt software solutions. In this case study, we delve into the successful launch of CuteHR, a human resources management SaaS, on HowToBuySaaS, and the strategic steps taken to achieve an impressive $100k Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) milestone.

Problem Statement:

CuteHR, a feature-rich HR management solution, was facing challenges in gaining visibility and traction in a competitive market. Traditional marketing efforts were proving insufficient to showcase CuteHR’s unique value proposition and innovative features to the target audience.

Solution Offered:

To address CuteHR’s market visibility and revenue growth challenges, we executed a comprehensive strategy centered around the HowToBuySaaS platform.

Listing on HowToBuySaaS:

CuteHR was strategically listed on HowToBuySaaS, gaining exposure to a diverse audience actively seeking innovative software solutions. The platform’s user-friendly interface facilitated a seamless browsing and purchasing experience, maximizing CuteHR’s chances of attracting potential customers.

Strategic Positioning and Messaging:

We crafted compelling product descriptions and messaging to highlight CuteHR’s standout features and benefits. Emphasizing its user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and cost-effectiveness positioned CuteHR as a top choice for businesses seeking an HR management solution.

Promotional Campaigns:

Utilizing HowToBuySaaS’s marketing tools, we launched targeted promotional campaigns. Featured placements, special discounts, and limited-time offers were strategically employed to generate interest and drive conversions. The platform’s analytics tools were instrumental in tracking campaign performance and optimizing strategies.

Customer Engagement and Support:

The platform’s integrated communication tools allowed for direct engagement with potential customers. Timely responses to inquiries, informative product updates, and proactive customer support were pivotal in building trust and satisfaction among CuteHR users.


The strategic utilization of HowToBuySaaS led to remarkable outcomes for CuteHR:

  1. Increased Visibility: CuteHR gained significant visibility within the HowToBuySaaS community, reaching businesses actively searching for HR management solutions.
  2. Accelerated Sales: The user-friendly purchasing process and targeted campaigns contributed to a substantial increase in sales, surpassing initial revenue projections.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Direct engagement and responsive customer support on the platform contributed to high customer satisfaction levels, fostering positive reviews and recommendations.
  4. $100k ARR Milestone: Through consistent efforts and strategic planning, CuteHR achieved an impressive $100k ARR milestone within a defined timeframe.


The successful launch and growth of CuteHR on HowToBuySaaS exemplify the power of strategic positioning and leveraging specialized SaaS marketplaces. By effectively utilizing the platform’s features for visibility, engagement, and promotion, CuteHR not only addressed its initial market challenges but also established itself as a competitive player in the HR management SaaS space. This case study highlights the potential of SaaS marketplaces as catalysts for rapid growth and revenue generation.