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SendWo – Bulk WhatsApp Sender | AI Chatbot For WhatsApp

SendWo is a Bulk WhatsApp sender software as well as Chatbot solution for WhatsApp and telegram, powered by AI.

Service Included

What SendWo Offers

Bulk WhatsApp Sender

System that reduces high cost on WhatsApp pay per message system and allow businesses of any type to reach customers inbox on WhatsApp.

AI Solutions

We offer AI solution on top of our chatbot software’s. This enables businesses to leave all customer conversations on AI solely.

Bot: Telegram/WhatsApp

SendWo offers chatbot building on top of WhatsApp API and telegram applications for advance business requirements 

SendWo should be your go to solution if you wish to reduce your net cost of WhatsApp marketing. Using the AI powered solution and both unofficial and official api of WhatsApp and telegram separately, SendWo is enabling business to transform their conversational marketing.

Shape your AI conversational marketing with us

We are changing the conversational marketing landscape with SendWo. Talk to us today and we will implement your idea with technology we are building.