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SendBm: Bulk WhatsApp Using API

SendBm is a complete Official API enabled legit bulk WhatsApp marketing solution
offering business to do cold outreach on WhatsApp strategically.

What We Are Solving?

Whatsapp Official API

SendBm is powered by official WhatsApp API. Supports businesses who wish to do cold outreach to their customer list without getting banned.

Inbox Management

SendBm gives advanced inbox management for WhatsApp API. Inviting team members to talk to customers at different roles.

Contact Management

Create segmented contact list and bulk upload all your customer WhatsApp numbers. Use dedicated contact list for specific marketing.

SendBm has been build to serve business with WhatsApp marketing solution in which they can reach to large size audience without the challenges of getting banned. It eliminates the risk of 3rd party tools that are not legit as well as reduces the marketing cost on WhatsApp by not charging any mark-up fee on pay per message system of WhatsApp business API.

Reachout To Us For Custom Implementation On SendBm

We can modify our solutions based on business requirements. Our tailored solutions can meet your customer service at par with industry standards.